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FEATURING JOY MING KING – As infections and deaths from the coronavirus continue to rise in the US and nations like Russia, India, and Brazil, some parts of the world are offering a model for how to beat the deadly disease. One major success story is Hong Kong where out of more than 7 million residents there have been only 4 deaths attributed to Covid-19.

The backdrop for this stunning statistic is that the past year saw Hong Kong all over international news headlines for a persistent pro-democracy movement that refused to back down in the face of police heavy handedness and a pro-China government.

Now, it appears as though that very movement, rather than Hong Kong’s discredited government, is responsible for organizing a successful response to the coronavirus.

Joy Ming King, activist born and raised in Hong Kong and participating in the pro-democracy protests through organizing and direct action both outside and inside Hong Kong through his work in Lausan Collective.

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