News & Analysis of Economic, Racial, Gender Justice and More

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has made many of us reevaluate our lives, our connections to one another, our vulnerabilities, and those of others. Through this difficult time as we struggle to deal with children home from school, wondering if we can take time off if we develop symptoms, stressed about the cost of potential testing and healthcare.

Our little corner of independent journalism will continue. Now more than ever we need journalists to shine a light on how the rich and powerful have hoarded the wealth of our societies, how they have piece by piece dismantled our social safety nets through their stranglehold on our government, and how they clearly intend to subject us to even worse by taking advantage of our vulnerability in this crisis. Our show is not brought to you by corporations. We are powered by people just like you.

Our remote studio is already geared up for social distancing. There’s only two of us who make this show happen. We have been lucky enough to rely on digital technologies to speak to our guest experts remotely via video chat. We are ready to keep working, to keep bringing you the news and the analysis you count on, to channel your rage in these trying times, to lift up the people-centered plans to rebuild our safety nets, and to promote solidarity among one another.

Find our show at Use our contact page to tell us about how you are weathering this pandemic. Be kind to one another and love one another for that is one thing we have in abundance.

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