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FEATURING CORY ALBERTSON – A new Gallup poll on American attitudes toward gay marriage shows a historically high support among the public. Sixty seven percent of Americans surveyed support same-sex marriage – the highest number ever recorded by Gallup.

The poll comes just before the Supreme Court issued a narrow ruling about the right of a Colorado baker to refuse service to a gay couple. Despite some of the setbacks under Donald Trump Americans appear to have reached a tipping point in favor of LGBT rights.

How did we get here and what did pop culture, in particular television, have to do with it? A new book explores how television shows have portrayed LGBT characters and couples and how skewed Hollywood’s representation of this diverse community has actually been.

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Cory Albertson, Visiting Lecturer of Sociology at Smith College. His writings have appeared in the Huffington Post, Interview, Out, Paste, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is the author of A Perfect Union? Television and the Winning of Same-Sex Marriage.

**This interview was originally broadcast on June 5, 2018.

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