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FEATURING MARCY WINOGRAD – The state of California is the nation’s most populous and yet during Presidential elections is simply left out of the equation, being a solidly blue state. Presidential campaigns simply don’t make it out to the Left Coast once the primary elections are over. But, as a state that has for years legislated through Propositions on the ballot—for good or ill—this year is no different. Voters are being asked to decide on a slate of far-reaching propositions that have the potential to influence national trends and decision making on things like the gig economy, medical technology, education funding, and mass incarceration.

Marcy Winograd’s Recommendations on the CA Ballot Propositions

Prop 14: NO (Issues Bonds for Privatized Medical Research)

Prop 15: YES (Closes Corporate Property Tax Loopholes-$$$ for Schools)

Prop 16: YES (Allows for Affirmative Action at Colleges)

Prop 17: YES (Restores Voting Rights to Parolees)

Prop 18: YES (Grants Voting Rights to 17-Year Olds.)

Prop 19: NEUTRAL (Changes tax assessment transfers).

Prop 20: NO (Reverses Criminal Justice Reforms)

Prop 21: YES (Expands Rent Control)

Prop 22: NO (Exempts Uber, Lyft from Employee Benefits)

Prop 23: YES (Requires Doctors or Nurse Practitioners at Dialysis Clinics)

Prop 24: NO (Enacts Pay to Play to Keep Personal Data Private)

Prop 25: NO (Replaces Cash Money Bail with Risk Assessment Tool)

Marcy Winograd, co-founder of the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, a 2020 DNC delegate for Bernie Sanders representing Santa Barbara, California, and is a member of the Steering committee of the Santa Barbara Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

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