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FEATURING AMANI AL HINDI BARAKAT – Israel launched at least 50 air strikes on the Gaza strip earlier this week, in a 24-hour span. Authorities said they were targeting Hamas locations in retaliation for rockets fired at the Israeli city of Sderot. The strikes were the worst violence from Israel since the summer of 2014 when a massive and sustained bombing campaign crippled Gaza.

The US has long supported Israel militarily despite recent tensions between the Obama administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, with the strong possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, many US-based activists are worried that Israeli impunity toward Palestinians will only increase. Clinton has had long standing ties to Netanyahu.

Earlier this week in Beverly Hills, Southern California, activists gathered outside a Clinton fundraiser at the home of Israeli American billionaire Haim Saban.

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Amani Al Hindi Barakat, Chair of Al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

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