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FEATURING JUAN ESCALANTE – House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi broke a record this week when she carried out a marathon speech on the floor of the House for more than 8 hours, reading testimonies of Dreamers – young immigrants whose DACA protections are expiring. It was the longest period for which a Congressional representative has held the floor of the House, paralleling the Senate filibuster.

The speech was an attempt to force Republicans in the House to adopt a spending bill with some form of protections for DACA recipients. A short term spending bill, which lawmakers passed last month was set to expire Thursday night. The Senate is expected to vote on Thursday afternoon on a deal that adopts a 2-year spending plan that massively boosts spending especially on the military. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell promised an open debate on immigration legislation on the Senate floor.

Juan Escalante, Communications Manager with America’s Voice and a DACA recipient. He is also the immigration correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali.

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