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FEATURING AMIE WILLIAMS AND FATAMEH JAFARI – It has been more than a week since a massive fire struck an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. More than 13,000 refugees had been living in Moria camp, a space designed for fewer than four times as many people. Authorities say multiple fires were lit around the camp, which has been almost completely destroyed. A week before the devastating fire, the camp had been placed under quarantine after one resident had tested positive for the coronavirus. There are now at least 35 confirmed infections among the refugees who hail largely from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and other war-torn nations. The displaced families are now being moved into a new temporary camp but so far only about 1,200 people have agreed to move.

Amie Williams, journalist, filmmaker and Executive Director and Co-Founder of Global Girl Media, with Fatameh Jafari, Afghan refugee who lived in Moria.

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