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FEATURING PRISCILLA VILLA – The floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey have receded and residents of Houston, Texas are now beginning the tremendously hard work of rebuilding their communities, their infrastructure, and their livelihoods.

President Trump promised that the government would come to the aid of Harvey’s victims. But, the appointment of a former oil executive to lead the recovery efforts has left many scratching their heads.

More than a hundred advocacy and environmental organizations signed on to a statement recently where they urged for relief efforts to be focused on people over profits.

The statement read, “Recovery efforts cannot and must not become a mere excuse to accelerate fossil fuel and plastics infrastructure in the Gulf. Funds that are critically needed for families harmed by this crisis must not be directed to the companies that caused the crisis.”

Read the statement HERE and find more at

Priscilla Villa, South Texas Organizer with Earth Works Action.

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