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FEATURING REP. CHRIS RAAB AND CAROLYN FIDDLER – Vote counting continues in several key states days after election day and as of now in Pennsylvania Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by almost 15,000 votes. In Georgia Biden’s edge is more than 4,000 votes, and in Nevada his already large lead expanded to more than 20,000. Republicans are accusing Pennsylvania authorities of election fraud and claiming that they were not allowed to have observers, even as police foiled a potential plot by armed men who were headed to the convention center where vote counting is taking place.

Crowds have been gathered in Philadelphia for days since the election with dueling protests by Black Lives Matter activists and others demanding to “Count Every Vote,” alongside Trump supporters demanding that they “Stop the Count.”

Senator Lindsey Graham has personally donated half a million dollars to the Trump campaign’s legal fund as the President attempts to salvage his reelection by any means necessary.

Chris Rabb, serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives representing District 200 and just won reelection. His district covers parts of Philadelphia; and Carolyn Fiddler, one of the nation’s foremost experts in state politics and is communications director at Daily Kos. She writes “This Week in Statehouse Action,” a newsletter that provides updates on state politics to thousands of reporters, political operatives and observers each week.

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