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FEATURING LESLIE KLINGER – One of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ first actions as head of the Department of Justice was to not renew the National Commission on Forensic Science. The Commission was set up under President Obama to improve the quality of forensic evidence like DNA at crime scenes. In fact high-quality forensic evidence has been used many times to exonerate people who are wrongfully convicted.

Now, a new book called Anatomy of Innocence tells the stories of those who have been through the harrowing experiences of finding themselves serving prison sentences and finally winning their freedom.

Find more about the book at

Leslie Klinger, editor of Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongfully Convicted and a practicing lawyer. He is also the best-selling editor of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, The New Annotated Dracula, and the New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft.

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