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FEATURING DR. ROB DAVIDSON – Anonymized location data from cell phone apps has revealed that anti-lockdown protesters in states like Michigan may have spread the Covid-19 virus far and wide. The Committee to Protect Medicare found that that Trump-supporting anti-lockdown protesters may be spreading the dreaded disease as they congregate with one another in the hundreds and then return to their communities in different regions.

Meanwhile a mathematical model published this week estimates that more than 200,000 lives may have been saved nationwide by stay-at-home orders and that more than 2 million hospitalizations may have been avoided.

The FBI has warned authorities that some white supremacist groups have been encouraging their members to knowingly spread the virus to local police agencies and Jewish organizations.

Dr. Rob Davidson, Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, and an emergency physician who serves families in small communities across West Michigan. His recent video-taped interaction with Vice President Mike Pence went viral.

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