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FEATURING ARIEL GOLD – The US and Saudi Arabia appear to be readying a retaliatory attack on Iran for major airstrikes on Saudi oil fields that severely damaged the Gulf Kingdom’s oil output. Without presenting evidence, US intelligence officials are saying that Iran was the staging ground for the attacks, not Yemen. Yemen’s Houthi rebels say they launched the attack in retaliation for the Saudi war on their nation.

Meanwhile, in Israel, which has long backed a US war on Iran, voters are gearing up for a major election on Tuesday where incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hopeful of retaining his position. Netanyahu has promised to annex parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank if he is reelected and has hinted that President Trump has signed off on the move. If Netanyahu is reelected and keeps his promise, decades of hopes for a 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be compromised.

Ariel Gold, national co-director of CODEPINK. She manages the organization’s campaigns for Palestinian rights.

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