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FEATURING CHRIS TYREE – Many Americans are turning away from sugary drinks in an effort to be healthier. They’re choosing instead bottled water. The bottled water market is growing exponentially and offers both convenience and an assurance of cleanliness. But just how clean and pure is bottled water?

A new investigative report on bottled water around the globe may just make you rethink your bottled water habit. Orb Media, in a follow-up to a story from last year called Invisibles: The Plastic Inside Us, examined bottled water from a variety of manufacturers around the world and found disturbing levels of microscopic pieces of plastic – or microplastics – floating in the water. Essentially when you drink bottled water, you’re drinking a bunch of plastic with it.

Read the new report ‘Plus Plastic: Microplastics Found in Global Bottled Water,’ HERE.

Chris Tyree, a journalist with Orb Media. He just wrote the article, Plus Plastic: Microplastics Found in Global Bottled Water. We had had him on our program last year to discuss his earlier piece, Invisibles: The Plastic Inside Us.

**This interview was originally broadcast on March 30, 2018.

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