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FEATURING MARK BRYAN – It is fitting that spoofs of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live are as newsworthy as the real figure. The last time we had a President who offered so much fodder for relentless ridicule was George W. Bush. It was during the Bush era that I first came across the incredible art of Mark Bryan. Bryan’s depictions of Bush and his administration figures such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld showcased the horrific human toll and sordid corporate entanglements that the Iraq war brought about. Today, with Trump in the White House, Mark Bryan is back at it.

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Mark Bryan, longtime artist who gained national attention for his paintings of the George W. Bush administration. Bryan has exhibited his work throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. His art appears on numerous satirical and political web sites across the US and internationally. It has also been featured as illustration and cover art for publications, including Juxtapoz and Adbusters magazines.

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