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FEATURING PAUL O’BRIEN – President Donald Trump, after skipping last year’s World Economic Forum, appeared this year’s gathering of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland – perhaps as an escape from the Senate Impeachment trial taking place in the US. Trump triumphantly touted economic success in the US and urged other nations to do what he is doing – put their own people before the global interest.

Also at the meeting was climate activist Greta Thunberg who denounced the inaction of those gathered as climate change continues to be a threat to humanity.

Meanwhile the United Nations’ International Labor Organization has issued a new report showing that while billionaires continue to tout their prosperity as proof that capitalism works, hundreds of millions of people struggle worldwide to find jobs that pay a living wage. Oxfam has also issued its own report to coincide with the World Economic Forum drawing attention to unpaid labor, and to the domestic work that women are forced into.

Read Oxfam’s report ‘Time to Care: Unpaid and underpaid care work and the global inequality crisis,’  HERE.

Paul O’Brien, Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at Oxfam America.

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