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FEATURING BEDABRATA PAIN – India’s Narendra Modi continues his travels, visiting with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu this week, and becoming the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. The visit comes just days after Mr. Modi visited Donald Trump at the White House and was photographed hugging the US President warmly. Modi has come down firmly on the side of authoritarian and right-wing leaning leaders. His foreign jaunts come at the same time as mass protests in Indian cities are denouncing anti-Muslim violence. The protests, dubbed #NotInMyName, have received widespread news coverage, undermining Modi’s triumphant international photo-ops.

Bedabrata Pain, ex-NASA scientist, an inventor of the digital camera technologies, an activist, and now a film-maker – whose first film CHITTAGONG (based on a forgotten uprising) won the Indian National Award (the highest award) as the best debut film. he is currently working on his next film in india, tentatively titled DISAPPEARED.

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