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FEATURING NEGIN OLWIAEI – The November 6th midterm elections are shaping up to be among the most critical elections of the decade. Much is at stake, especially the makeup of Congress. But also important are some of the measures being tackled at the state and city level by voters, especially on the critical issue of income inequality.

The US is fast becoming a strictly stratified nation with the billionaire class awash in ever-greater riches while the majority of people struggle to make ends meet. Today we’ll explore some of the ways in which voters can use the ballot box to address inequality.

Read the report ‘Billionaire Bonanza 2018: Inherited Wealth Dynasties in the 21st-Century U.S.’, HERE.

Negin Owliaei, researcher and editor at She previously worked as a journalist and digital producer at Al Jazeera Media Network.

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