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FEATURING KATRIN WEHRHEIM – After the violent debacle in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this year, radical right wing and fascist organizations and spokespeople had set their sights on the University of California at Berkeley this week. The UC Berkeley campus has been a repeated focus of right wing Nazi-sympathizers several times this year.

Alt-Right darling Milo Yiannopoulos and Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson had planned a week of so-called “Free Speech” events on the Berkeley campus this week. But, like previous events, this one fizzled out, although the university shelled out $800,000 in security for Yiannopoulos’s 15-minute speech to fewer than 100 people. A campus official called it, “the most expensive photo op in the university’s history.”

Meanwhile hundreds of counter protesting students and faculty held their Berkeley Rally Against White Supremacy on another part of the campus.

Katrin Wehrheim, Professor of Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley, working with a coalition of students and faculty to address white supremacist violence on their campus called, United Against Right Wing Violence.

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