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FEATURING STEVEN W. THRASHER – The New York police officer involved in the killing of Eric Garner five years ago has finally been fired from his position. A departmental disciplinary judge recommended the firing of Daniel Pantaleo last week. The New York Times obtained the Judge Rosemarie Maldonado’s opinion – a document which concluded that Pantaleo had been “untruthful,” and his defense witnesses to be, “unhelpful or unreliable.” Additionally Garner’s autopsy, “provided ‘overwhelming’ evidence that Officer Pantaleo had used a chokehold in spite of being trained not to.” Pantaleo is now suing to get his job back.

Read Steven Thrasher’s OpEd on the New York Times, “Daniel Pantaleo Was Fired. We’re Still Afraid for Our Lives,” HERE.

Steven W. Thrasher holds the Daniel H. Renberg Chair, for social justice in reporting, and is an assistant professor of journalism and core faculty member of the Institute of Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing at Northwestern University. He recently wrote a piece in the New York Times called, “Daniel Pantaleo Was Fired. We’re Still Afraid for Our Lives.”

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