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FEATURING MARK GODSEY – More than 15 years ago, a New York City federal prosecutor named Mark Godsey had an epiphany. He discovered while teaching a law class that there was an ugly underbelly to the criminal justice system: innocent people were being locked up. Through DNA evidence Godsey’s students helped overturn the conviction of a man serving time for a rape he did not commit.

Godsey went on to help found the Ohio Innocence Project which has so far helped to free 25 wrongfully convicted people. Now, using his own experiences as a former federal prosecutor, Godsey has written a book about the psychology and politics of wrongful convictions. In his book he exposes how prosecutors all over the country have been trained to violate people’s constitutional rights in order to win guilty convictions.

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Mark Godsey, Professor of Law at the University of Cincinnati, award winning federal prosecutor in New York City before becoming a lead attorney and activist for the wrongfully convicted. He is also the co-founder of the Ohio Innocence Project, and the author of the new book, Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes The Psychology And Politics of Wrongful Convictions.

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