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FEATURING JASMINE RICHARDS – Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards has been freed from Los Angeles County Jail after serving 15 days out of her 90-day sentence. She became the first black woman to be convicted of a felony charge that was only until recently known as “lynching.”

The 28-year old founder of the Pasadena chapter of Black Lives Matter in Southern California, has inspired her local community of low-income black youth, especially in Northwest Pasadena where she grew up and now organizes. Richards, who has adopted the last name Abdullah after her mentor Cal State LA professor Melina Abdullah, became politically active after the Pasadena police killing of a young black man in her community called Kendrec McDade. While there was an internal investigation of McDade’s killing, to date, no one at the Pasadena police department has been held accountable.

I’ve been following the story of Jasmine Richards since 2014 when she first appeared on my show Uprising alongside Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Here are excerpts of that conversation.

Jasmine Richards appeared on my show Uprising, in December 2014 alongside Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. Two and a half years later, Richards has garnered national attention for the city and police police targeting her.

On Monday the Pasadena City Council held its regular meeting and Richards and her supporters attended to demand that the city drop all remaining charges against her. I spoke with her outside the city council meeting.

Jasmine Richards, Founder of Pasadena Chapter of Black Lives Matter.

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