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FEATURING MARC PILISUK – Battles are being fought in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria against the Islamic State, or ISIS. The US has, first under Barack Obama, and now under Donald Trump, resorted to little more than strategic bombing of the organization’s strongholds. But all that has happened over several years is that ISIS is growing in size and the amount of territory it controls. Individuals, seemingly inspired by the group’s methods and ideology have taken to small-scale attacks on civilians in western nations. But there is just no end in sight. How it get to this and is there a path out of it?

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Marc Pilisuk, Professor Emeritus, The University of California, and on the faculty at the San Francisco-based Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center where he has taught extensively on conflict resolution, globalization, ecological psychology and sustainability. He is the author of The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits From Global Violence and War. He recently wrote a paper entitled, “Engaging the ISIS Threat: Time for a Method Yet Untried”.

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