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President Donald Trump’s medical exam earlier this year included a cognitive test for dementia that he passed with flying colors. The test was meant to assure the public that any questions of mental deterioration were unfounded. But according to the New York Times, “Screening tests like these cannot rule out declines in reasoning or memory, or difficulties with planning or judgment. The test is just too blunt an instrument, and for many high-functioning people, too easy.” There is no information to suggest the President has been tested for emotional instability, personality disorder, or other psychiatric disorders.

Now, Brave New Films has released a new short film called, “Mental Health Experts on Donald Trump,” where they interviewed leading mental health experts about the President.

According to Brave New Films, “Trump’s recent cognitive test was a sham. Everyone who has access to the nuclear codes must pass physical and mental readiness according to the Nuclear Personnel Reliability Program, everyone except the president. The experts agree – we need a nonpartisan expert panel to assess Trump’s mental fitness.”

Today we’ll play the entire short film for you, so you can decide what to make of the assessments by these experts.

You can find more about Brave New Films at

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