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FEATURING MARIA LUISA MENDONÇA – In a vote of 55 to 20, Brazil’s democratically elected President, and it’s first ever woman president, Dilma Rousseff, was formally removed from office by the Senate in a highly controversial impeachment trial.

Rousseff was charged with violating financial rules – an action taken routinely by most of her predecessors. The vote, which was post-poned until after the Olympics, finalizes a process that began months ago and that has left much of the nation angry.

The left-leaning Workers Party, which Rouseff represented, and which was first in power under the leadership of Lula Da Silva, is scrambling to regroup.

Read Mendonça’s TeleSur article ‘Democracy Is Dead in Brazil’ HERE.

Maria Luisa Mendonça, director of Brazil’s Network for Social Justice and Human Rights, and a professor in international relations department at the University of Rio De Janeiro.

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