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FEATURING TODD MILLER – The Washington Post recently did something unusual for a mainstream corporate newspaper. It published an article headlined, “The reason many Guatemalans are coming to the border? A profound hunger crisis.” In boldly explaining the pressures facing migrants that head north the paper humanized the living breathing people seeking shelter, safety, and security in the U.S. instead of reducing them to a “problem” or “crisis” facing this nation.

Today we’ll turn to an independent American journalist who has lived on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border and told many stories of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. In his new book Build Bridges, Not Walls: A Journey to a World Without Borders, Todd Miller envisions a world where the artificial lines that separate nations melt away when we recognize our common humanity.

Todd Miller, has researched and written about border issues for more than 15 years and has lived in Tucson, Arizona and Oaxaca, Mexico. His work has appeared in the New York Times, TomDispatch, The Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, and more. His books include Empire of Borders: The Expansion of the U.S. Border Around the World, and the award-winning book Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. His new book is called Build Bridges, Not Walls: A Journey to a World Without Borders.

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