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FEATURING LYNN K. HALL – In early March a story broke that rocked the foundation of the Marine Corps when it was revealed that thousands of US Marines were sharing nude photos of their female colleagues in a secret Facebook group. The group, calling itself Marines United, has now been outed but many of its members have gone on to join other online groups to continue the photo sharing. Many of women whose photos were being shared were active duty soldiers and were being identified by their names, locations, and ranks. The scandal is part of a culture in the US military that encourages the exploitation of women and often manifests itself as sexual assault and rape. Rape in the military is far more common than in the general public. Now, one survivor of multiple sexual assaults has written a book about her experiences.

Lynn K. Hall, a crisis counselor and advocate for survivors, currently on the board of directors for Boulder, Colorado’s rape crisis center. Her book is called Caged Eyes: An Air Force Cadet’s Story of Rape and Resilience – it is the first full-length memoir account of rape in the US Military.

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