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FEATURING MICHAEL LIGHTY – The most populous state in the nation just got one step closer to socialized healthcare. On Thursday the California Senate voted 23-14 to pass SB 562, a bill that would pave the way for a so-called Single Payer healthcare plan for the state. Under such a plan all Californians would pay into healthcare costs and benefit from them without the insurance middleman. The bill now heads to the Assembly for a vote. It is not clear if Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown will sign it into law if passed.

The Senate Appropriations Committee estimated that the plan would cost the state $400 billion to implement but that analysis has come under criticism for failing to include current healthcare expenses, savings from smaller administrative overhead, and the state’s bargaining power to purchase prescription drugs.

A new poll found a whopping 70% support among Californians for a single payer healthcare system.

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Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy at National Nurses United.

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