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FEATURING JAMIE HENN – During last week’s second and final Presidential debate Democratic Nominee Joe Biden touted his climate action plan in response to a question from the moderator. He described how, “global warming is an existential threat to humanity,” and that his climate plan would, “create 18.6 million jobs.” President Trump denounced Biden’s ideas saying they were drafted by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that center on “buildings with tiny windows.” Then, Trump went after Biden’s position on fracking or hydraulic fracturing—a fossil fuel industry that Biden and President Obama championed during Obama’s tenure.

His campaign and his running mate Kamala Harris have vehemently maintained that a future President Biden would not ban fracking – a position that may gain them a few votes in fracking-dependent states like Pennsylvania, but which climate justice groups firmly oppose. Can Biden back fracking and champion climate justice?

Jamie Henn is the director of Fossil Free Media, a non-profit media lab that supports the movement to end fossil fuels. He also leads communications for the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign which is working to end the financing of climate destruction. Before starting Fossil Free Media, Jamie was the co-founder and strategic communications director for

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