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FEATURING JUAN ESCALANTE – US Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week defended his decision to sue California over immigration-related policies calling the state’s “sanctuary” laws “radical,” and saying on Fox News that, “Somebody needs to stand up and say no, you’ve gone too far, you cannot do this, this is not reasonable.” At the heart of the suit is a set of laws banning local law enforcement officers from complying with federal immigration officers because of concerns over public safety.

But the federal immigration enforcement program is under fire this week after a San Francisco-based ICE spokesman named James Schwab resigned publicly saying he, “didn’t want to perpetuate misleading facts.” His resignation centers on the decision by Oakland mayor to publicize an impending ICE raid in her city.

Also in California, a video has emerged and gone viral of a suspected undocumented woman being wrenched away from her three daughters while walking in the street in broad daylight. The uniformed agents are seen disappearing the mother, named Perla Morales-Luna into a vehicle while her children standing screaming in grief. The video has offered just one glimpse of Homeland Security’s widespread Gestapo-style practices of separating parents from children.

Juan Escalante, Communications Manager with America’s Voice and a DACA recipient. He is also the immigration correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali.

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