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FEATURING ALVIN C. JACOBS JR. – The white supremacist rally in Charlottesville this past August became the focus of international news when hundreds of so-called Alt Right groups which included self-described Nazis, fascists, white nationalists, pro-Confederates, etc, gathered under their umbrella, Summer of Hate. Heather Heyer, a young white woman was killed when one racist attendee drove through a crowded street.

Also victimized by white supremacists was a young black man named DeAndre Harris, who was caught on tape being beaten by a number of white men with sticks. Harris sustained injuries on his head and face. It took the work of journalist Shaun King and his team working for weeks to identify the perpetrators before 3 men were arrested for brutalizing Harris. But now Harris was forced to turn himself into authorities after a white man claimed he had been beaten by the youth.

Meanwhile, last weekend the high-profile white supremacist Richard Spencer led a second night-time rally of torch bearing racists through Charlottesville at an event that got far less attention.

Alvin C. Jacobs Jr., photographer specializing in social documentary, pro sports, portrait, editorial, and fashion photo-graphic projects. He was present in Charlottesville and witnessed DeAndre Harris’ beating.

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