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FEATURING EVAN GREER – Chelsea Manning, the whistle blower serving a 35-year sentence for leaking war logs to the public, is facing new charges while being held at a military prison in Forth Leavenworth, Kansas. Manning was in the news in early July when the Army revealed that she had attempted to commit suicide. Now, she has been told that she could face new charges related to the July 5th incident that include, “resisting the force cell move team;” “prohibited property;” and “conduct which threatens.”

ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio told the press, “The government has long been aware of Chelsea’s distress associated with the denial of medical care related to her gender transition and yet delayed and denied the treatment recognized as necessary.” “Now,” added Strangio, “while Chelsea is suffering the darkest depression she has experienced since her arrest, the government is taking actions to punish her for that pain.”

Find more at, at Manning’s website at or write her a letter to:


Evan Greer, Campaign Director of Fight for the Future, an organization that has advocated for Chelsea Manning’s freedom.

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