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FEATURING OREN NIMNI – President elect Joe Biden had laid out an ambitious agenda for racial justice and immigrant rights during his campaign. Now, as he begins piecing together his cabinet and preparing to transition into the White House, he faces the results of years of shredding immigrants’ rights.

Under Donald Trump harm to newcomers ranged from the ripping away of children from their parents to the border wall with Mexico as a symbol of hate. Refugees were denied entry, a Muslim ban put in place, and legal avenues of immigration dismantled or temporarily banned.

How can Biden repair the damage that Trump wrought? And how does he plan on confronting his own legacy as former Vice President when Barack Obama had been dubbed Deporter-in-Chief?

Oren Nimni, Staff Attorney with Lawyers for Civil Rights, legal editor of Current Affairs magazine. He was recognized by the Boston Bar Association for his groundbreaking work at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Savino v. Souza, the first-class action filed in the country to secure the en masse humanitarian release of civil immigration detainees. Previously, he worked with the Prison Litigation Assistance Project, served as a Steering Committee member of Law for Black Lives and was on the Board of the National Lawyers Guild.

** This segment was broadcast on 11/12/2020.

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