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FEATURING ANDREANECIA M. MORRIS - Thousands of government officials, corporate executives, public relations experts,  and climate activists have convened in Sharm El-Shaikh, Egypt for the United Nations’ 27th Conference of Parties to tackle climate change.

The annual gathering, meant to yield concrete progress on phasing out fossil fuels and ushering in a just transition to renewables, has ended in gridlock more often than not. This year, for the first time, oil and gas companies were invited to officially send representatives to the COP.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden addressed COP 27 attendees, and apologized for his predecessor’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accords which were signed at COP 21.

GUEST: Andreanecia M. Morris, President/Chair of the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA). She endorsed the recent WECAN report on gendered and racial impacts of the fossil fuel industry.

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