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FEATURING DR. CAROL A. PARIS – Last week’s House vote that never happened on the American Healthcare Act, was a gruesome symbol of the infighting within the Republican Party over healthcare reform. The party that had spent the last 7 years making its chief cause the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, couldn’t get its own act together.

Dramatic reports of House Speaker Paul Ryan rushing between the White House and Capitol Hill marked the hours before the bill was pulled. Donald Trump personally called a Washington Post reporter to do damage control and lay blame for the bill’s failure to garner enough votes at the feet of the Democrats even though his party has a majority in the House. Some Republicans are now calling for Ryan’s resignation as House Speaker while others are openly wishing for Obamacare to implode so that it fulfills the nonexistent claims they have been making about the popular health reform act.

Progressive lawmakers, led by Bernie Sanders, are engaging in something a lot more constructive – making an aggressive push for Single-Payer healthcare or a Medicare-for-All system.

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Dr. Carol A. Paris, President of Physicians for a National Health Program.

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