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FEATURING SAMEER DOSSANI – British voters will head to the polls in a snap election on June 8th that was called by Prime Minister Theresa May in April. May’s position in the polls was looking shaky in light of Labor Party progressive Jeremy Corbyn’s inroads – until the brutal attack in Manchester outside a youth concert that left 22 people dead including an 8-year old girl and the parents of young concert-goers. Terrorist attacks like Manchester tend to boost incumbents and conservatives and Prime Minister May’s position may be bolstered.

Meanwhile US-UK relations are tense after the name of the suspected Manchester bomber and photos of evidence were leaked to the US media. British police announced that they have stopped sharing intelligence with the US and President Donald Trump has said he will ask the Justice Department to investigate the leaks. Trump is in Brussels meeting with NATO officials this week.

Sameer Dossani, independent activist and freelance journalist.

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