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FEATURING FRANK CLEMENTE – Trump’s tax returns for the last 6 years. Democrat Richard Neal, who chairs the committee, is apparently using a little known piece of federal tax law to make the request. The provision dates back to the so-called Teapot Dome scandal from the Warren G. Harding administration.

Progressive activists have been pressuring Mr. Neal for months to use his authority in what is sure to turn into a legal fight. The IRS has until only April 10th to provide the information. In a statement the Congressman said, “I take the authority to make this request very seriously, and I approach it with the utmost care and respect. This request is about policy, not politics.”

Trump has scrambled to respond saying that because he is under audit he cannot turn over his tax returns, and also saying that the Attorney General would respond. Mr. Neal’s request is to the IRS, not to Trump or the Attorney General.

Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness.

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