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FEATURING LARRY BENSKY – With Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders having garnered about 27% of the New Hampshire primary vote in a still-crowded field of candidates on Tuesday, he declared decisive victory. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg came very close however, and will walk away with 9 delegates – the same number as Sanders.

Four years ago Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire with almost 60% of the vote. So why didn’t he do as well this time? The primary races have only just begun and much remains up in the air in a critically important election year.

Larry Bensky was the National Affairs Correspondent for Pacifica radio from 1987 to 2007.  He anchored numerous live political events, including national party conventions.  He is a long time teacher at California State University in Hayward, where he teaches courses like “The American Presidency.”  Larry won a George Polk Award for his coverage of the Iran-Contra scandal in 1988.

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