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FEATURING ASTRID SILVA – President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening gave a brief televised speech making his case for funding for a border wall as the partial federal government shut down stretches into its third week. It was the first time he had made a televised address from the Oval office. The 9 and a half minute long speech was rife with claims of rampant drug trafficking, criminals pouring over the border and assaulting and violently killing Americans – none of which is true.

Trump’s speech was so riddled with lies and exaggerations as was expected that media outlets spent more time fact checking it than analyzing it. Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued their response to the speech, as did Senator Bernie Sanders.

It is unclear if the speech had any impact. The New York Times reported that even Trump didn’t think it would help but acted on the recommendation of his advisers.

Astrid Silva, Executive Director at Dream Big Nevada.

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