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FEATURING BRANKO MARCETIC – The Capitol riot on January 6th has left lawmakers rattled. Many, including Progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, say they came close to imminent danger and even assassination. As more details of the attack come to light, it appears clear that the situation could have been far worse. Pipe bombs that inexplicably did not go off were found at the headquarters of both the Democratic and Republican National Committees. Armed men were readying a distribution of weapons and Molotov cocktails. And, more violence is being planned for the coming week.

It is in this context that a bill aimed at curbing “domestic terrorism” by Congressman Bill Schneider, that was passed by the House last Fall is being revived. But critics worry that such an act, if passed into law, will only further erode civil liberties and curb legitimate protest.

His latest article is entitled “We Don’t Need New Terror Laws to Defeat the Far Right.”

Branko Marcetic, staff writer at Jacobin magazine and a 2019-2020 Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting fellow. His new book is called Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.

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