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FEATURING JONATHAN KARMEL – When fatal plane crashes, mass shootings, or terrorist attacks take place, they make major headlines and sow fear in the public. But what most of us don’t realize is that we have a much greater risk of injury and death in the workplace than we do while flying. The US government has spent billions on counter-terrorism measures, and comparably little on making our workplaces safer. Yet hundreds of Americans die in the workplace each year and tens of thousands are injured.

Now, a new book, harkening back to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, lays bare the overlooked dangers that lead to injuries and deaths in the American workplace that are often preventable.

Jonathan Karmel, attorney with expertise in labor and employment law, a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employer Lawyers, and co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Occupational Safety and Health Committee. His new book is called Dying to Work: Death and Injury in the American Workplace.

**This interview was originally broadcast on March 26, 2019

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