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FEATURING LEE-ANNE GRAY – American schools have for years suffered many challenges, often borne of unequal or inadequate funding, existing within a deeply stratified socio-economic landscape, hampered by the demands for standardized testing, and threatened by the presence of law enforcement. Now, a new book explores what its author calls “Educational Trauma.” Psychologist Dr. Lee-Anne Gray writes in her new book that the current “state of educational affairs,” are “the way schools are places where students feel shame, unsafe, unable to manage stress, and at worst medicated, abused, and sent to prison. The state of educational affairs is one that creates trauma and then looks away.”

Lee-Anne Gray, psychologist, educator, author, and national speaker. She has served as a forensic and clinical consulting psychologist to public defenders, families, students, and school districts throughout the state of California. She was an instructor of Psychology of Gender in the Departments of Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. Her new book is called Educational Trauma: Examples from Testing to the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

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