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FEATURING HILARY WAINWRIGHT – Jeremy Corbyn, the UK’s popular Labor Party leader, has faced one obstacle after another from outside and inside his own party. The long-time staunchly leftist activist shocked many when he came into his leadership position on a strongly anti-austerity, anti-war platform. Often compared to Bernie Sanders in the US, Corbyn has managed to hold on to power so far and many in the UK are hopeful his leadership will last longer and have most specific consequences than Sanders in the US.

Hilary Wainwright, well-known British journalist and writer, founding editor of Red Pepper, a popular left publication, she is a fellow of the Transnational Institute and Senior Research Associate at the International Centre for Participation Studies at the Department for Peace Studies, University of Bradford, and she has been a visiting professor at a number of international universities. Her essay, The Making of Jeremy Corbyn was published in a new anthology called Europe in Revolt.

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