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FEATURING DEIA SCHLOSBERG and CONRAD SHAW – What if you knew that even if you didn’t have a job you would not starve? What if you had the financial freedom to leave a job and consider other options? What if you had a no-strings-attached financial safety net? Those are the questions that a growing number of people in many countries struggling with income inequality are asking in making the case for a Universal Basic Income.

Like Social Security, except that it is not age or wage based, a Universal Basic Income flies in the face of capitalist ideology. But what if it actually worked to address poverty and its related issues? Two filmmakers are embarking on an ambitious journey to make the case for UBI and I spoke with them at the recent People’s Summit in Chicago.

Find more about the film at and its crowdfunding campaign at

Deia Schlosberg, producer of Josh Fox’s documentary, How To Let Go Of the World and Love All the Things That Climate Can’t Change, and Conrad Shaw, New York-based film and stage actor and screenwriter. Together they are making a new documentary called Bootstraps, which investigates the concept of universal basic income and the realities and impacts it would have on everyday America.

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