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FEATURING VICKI CERVANTES – Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s attacks on American democracy have left us reeling. But there are democratic struggles happening all over the world and today we’ll focus on two countries in Latin America.

First, the Central American nation of Honduras has just sworn in a President that civil society organizations and election monitors are convinced retained his power via a stolen election. Incumbent Juan Orlando Hernández has begun his second term amid massive protests that began during the vote count in the last election and are continuing today. The election result appears to be part of a long-term move to the right that began after the coup against President Manuel Zelaya in 2009.

Then in Brazil – Latin America’s largest nation and the fourth largest democracy in the world – former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is facing a new setback. A court has just reaffirmed Lula’s corruption conviction – a move that many fear is an attempt to silence the popular president and prevent him from running in the next election. Lula’s Workers Party had been ousted from power by a right wing takeover last year.

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Vicki Cervantes, North America Coordinator for the Honduras Solidarity Network, and a member of La Voz de los de Abajo Chicago.

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