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FEATURING DR. MARGARET L. ANDERSEN – When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016, it was a political earthquake that shattered friendships, neighborly relationships, and even families. Much of the fissures have been around race given how Trump has based his ideology on white supremacist views. But Trump’s election was just the latest battlefront in the war over race and racism in America – a war that has never been properly reconciled. Our guest has written a powerful new book about the necessity of such a reconciliation needing to happen on a daily basis and in all aspects of our lives.

Dr. Margaret L. Andersen, the Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor Emerita at the University of Delaware. She is the author of several books, including Race in Society: The Enduring American Dilemma, as well as Thinking about Women. She has co-edited the anthologies, Race, Class and Gender, and Race and Ethnicity in Society: The Changing Landscape. Her new book is Getting Smart About Race: An American Conversation.

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