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FEATURING AJAMU BARAKA – Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York for the first of a handful of debates ahead of the election. The highly anticipated event was the first time the two had debated one another and it was not pretty.

Predictably Trump made many claims that were not backed up in fact, boasted about his business prowess, and constantly went over time and interrupted Clinton.

While Clinton missed many opportunities to counter Trump’s claims, she did make a few points such as denouncing trickle-down economics, and stop-and-frisk policies.

Overall, Clinton’s pro-Wall Street, pro-police, pro-war positions were the ones that sounded sane in comparison to Trump’s. But that is because two third party candidates were left out of the debate. In a few minutes we’ll be joined by Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka who was with his running mate Dr. Jill Stein at Hofstra University, demanding that Stein be let into the debates. But first here are some of our edited highlights from the debate itself.

Those were some highlights from the first presidential debate held on Monday night at Hofstra University.

For information about the Green Party’s platform and its candidates, visit and

Ajamu Baraka, fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, and editor and columnist for Black Agenda Report. He is a long time public intellectual and political activist and the Green Party’s 2016 Vice Presidential candidate.

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