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FEATURING ALISHA GRAVES – Climate change presents an existential threat to our species. There is no doubt left about that. Activists around the world are grappling with the issue in many ways – by protesting coal powered plants and blocking oil tankers, promoting renewable energy like solar and wind, or even changing ones own lifestyle with growing one’s own food and adopting plant based diets. But, my guest has another idea altogether. She calls it “green sex” for the sake of the climate.

Read her essay HERE.

Alisha Graves, is co-founder of The OASIS Initiative, A project of the University of California, Berkeley. She also serves as Vice President of the Population Program at Venture Strategies for Health and Development, a California-based non-profit organization, where she oversees the “Rebirth of Population Awareness” initiative. And she is a research fellow for Project Drawdown, analyzing the potential contribution of family planning for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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