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FEATURING LAURA WELLS – Just days away from the first Presidential debate of this election, third parties are demanding their candidates be included, especially given that the two major party candidates are the two least popular in recent memory. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off on September 26th at Hofstra University in New York. Not invited are the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, which is a private corporation controlled by the Democratic and Republican Parties sets the threshold for debate participation. CPD decides that only those who poll at 15% or higher will be allowed.

Earlier this week in California, Green Party members protested at Dominican University at an event designed to encourage college student participation in the election. The event was co-organized by Dominican and the CPD.

Laura Wells ran as a Green Party candidate in California for State Controller, and for Governor in 2010, with a focus on reforming Prop 13, taxing the rich, and instituting a State Bank. She was arrested outside a gubernatorial debate in 2010 in San Rafael, charged with “trespassing at a private party.” She attended this week’s protest at Dominican University.

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