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FEATURING DOROTHY GUERRERO – President Trump’s 4-day visit to the UK went about as badly as Trump had feared it would. After a year of avoiding an official visit given the planned mass protests, Trump visited the UK for the first time as President last week and stayed at his gold course in Glasgow through the weekend. Everywhere he went protesters attempted to get into his field of view.

In an interview with the British tabloid, the Sun, Trump shockingly criticized UK Prime Minister Theresa May right before his meeting with her. He claimed he gave her advice on how to negotiate a BREXIT deal but she didn’t listen to him. Then, in a CBS interview a few days later he admitted that the BREXIT issue was quite a bit more complicated than he thought.

Linked to BREXIT is a possible US-UK trade deal that Trump initially claimed was off before he predictably changed his mind and said in another interview, “I think we’re going to have a great trade deal.” But groups like Global Justice Now are urging Prime Minister May to reject any trade deal.

Dorothy Guerrero, Head of Policy and Advocacy at the UK-based organization Global Justice Now.

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