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FEATURING DAVID DAYEN – Just days away from the Republican National Convention’s opening day in Cleveland, Ohio, the GOP remains fractured, unsure of how to unite behind the only remaining candidate and presumed nominee, Donald Trump.

A bizarre situation has unfolded where a faction of Republican delegates are attempting to persuade the party to vet Trump and prevent him from being named the nominee despite him winning the needed number of delegates.

Additionally, several high profile Republicans have simply decided to boycott the RNC. Among them are Senator Marco Rubio, a former presidential candidate himself, and Arizona Senator John McCain. Congressman Paul Ryan has decided to throw his lot in with Trump, securing a coveted speaking slot at the RNC. But it has fallen to him to try to unite the party behind Trump.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, whose convention in Philadelphia follows the RNC, have tied up their last remaining loose string with Senator Bernie Sanders formally endorsing Hillary Clinton for President at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

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David Dayen, contributor to Salon and The Intercept, and a weekly columnist for the Fiscal Times and the New Republic. His new book is called Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud.

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